Teatime Suffering

Teatime Suffering

is this working?
- asked by Axeman
Yes it is, but we have some minor technial problems, due to massive server overload ;)

Hey Emilie…

what kind of tea are you drinking? =)

- asked by BlackRose

Hello Sweets!

To start the day off right, this shall be the first question!

And of course it is green ginger.

Welcome all.

I havent slept in over 48 hours.

Can we ask our questions now, or should we wait?
- asked by JohnRockefeller

Oh, please do ask away!

Due to the amount of lovelies here were having a bit of difficulty keeping up, but well make it!

In the meantime, Id like you all to do me a favour and go and get one of your striped stockings and tie it around your neck. Thats what I did. Isnt it dandy?

How are you doing it that you dont need to sleep for such a long time? Id be sitting on my chair, unable to remember what for i could use this thing in front of me with all the letters on it (keyboard). ;)
- asked by Keiratha

Believe me, Im not at all sure what Im doing right now, Im just glad youre all here with me.

I do need sleep, but it doesnt need me.

maybe its a stupid question, but where do you find all you great ideas for creating your such dark and bewitching music, your clothes and evey thing you do?
- asked by rubbedoutzombie

From the dark corners of my broken soul.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

I just let myself exist in my most natural state and give myself the luxury of being as odd as I wish, and watch what happens.

How are the prettyful musics coming along? If only I had money. Oh. you know what. Come kidnap me. That would be nice. Well…hmm..yea….A bit awkward I suppose. Im sure my rents would *LOVE* you. *cough*
- asked by Cody
delightfully! stay awhile and youll get to hear some!
what type of men can be enjoyed by you?
- asked by rubbedoutzombie
none. I refuse to enjoy.
Are there some secrets in this chat? I see some words or an image slowly appearing just below your answers. Haha, or is my chat page screwed up?
- asked by EmilyRose
There are tons of secrets, were just getting warmed up…
Do you have any plans to come to the UK anytime soon? I cant wait to see you play
- asked by ChynaDoll
Thank you, yes indeed we do! Im waiting for the word to start making announcements over here, but in a few moments Ill let you in on the plan;)
what is your favorite kind of ice cream?
- asked by Lyndsay

best question ever.

Mint chip soy followed by chocolate caramel chai rice cream….

i hate you for bringing this up…

What is your big annoucement??? Were all dying to know!
- asked by CJK

theres about 5 of them!

theyre coming, just getting warmed up, muffins;)

did you all tie stockings around your necks?

Why is this newer album so much different than the last one?
- asked by Khameleon808
Its different because Im different. Im sure you are different than you were five years ago as well. Ive lived a lot of live since then, and my voice has grown up a lot. I was but a wee lassy when I made Enchant, and I love it, but I cant help what Ive become and my only obligation is to represent myself, at whatever point Im at, every time. I hope it is always different. Thats how you know Im real.

Hello Emilie! I love your scarf/sock.

Ive been a fan since Enchant and I really enjoy your victoriandustrial sound. I was wondering if you plan on continuing with this current style or branching out yet again with your next project.

- asked by meeka

I am very very comfortable with the vein Im in now, but I really cannot predict one note of what the future will hold, because Id be lying…

It really depends what happens in my life from now until then…

I write about the experiences I have…and I score those experiences with whatever sounds and colors seem to suit it best at the time.

That being said…I can tell you that the violin is getting more metal every day;) and I plan to kick ten times as much sweet sweet ass next time around, if its legal. Or not.

I hope youre wearing your neck sock.

While listening to “Dominant,” I was struck by how I could imagine it being used as a film score. Given your experience with playing as an entire orchestra in Metalocalypse, have you ever given thought to participating in the scoring of a film?
- asked by Greg

Absolutely, Ive studied scoring and composition for years at conservatoire…its all a matter of finding the right team to work with, because Im a control freak who gets violient when being told what to do… so Ill find a lovely director I can dominate, or Ill make my own;)

Whats funny about Dominant is that (and this is a secret) it was actually intended to have words in German, but I liked the instrumental version and so left it alone…but perhaps someday youll hear the chant…

How many were you expecting for tea today?
- asked by Spero
Not nearly as many as are here! I think well have to bake more scumpets!

hey emilie

what would be your all time favorite song???

- asked by miles


it would be….

I think…

“My Thing Is My Own”

Google it….

i tied stockings, now can u rewards me :)?
- asked by omi

Indeed I can!

But you have to send a pic.

You ALL do…

Not joking…

Here is your reward!

We are embarking on a world tour, the Bloody Crumpets, me, and some special friends…most of it is still being confirmed with plans changing daily, but this is what weve got so far!

Third Orkus Festival Tour in March 2007:

09.03.2007 A-WIEN – Planet Music

10.03.2007 D-DRESDEN – Reithalle

11.03.2007 D-LUDWIGSBURG – Rockfabrik

12.03.2007 D-NNBERG – Hirsch

13.03.2007 D-ESSEN – Zeche Carl

14.03.2007 D-HERFORD – X

15.03.2007 D-KN – Live Music Hall

16.03.2007 D-LEIPZIG – Werk II – Halle A

17.03.2007 D-MAGDEBURG – Factory

18.03.2007 D-BERLIN – Postbahnhof


More infos soon on: www.protain.de

Afterwards its planned to visit the following countries:

Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland etc.

Nothing is confirmed yet but this is the plan…

Regarding USA: A countrywide tour is planned for May 2007. Will tell all as confirmed!

I hope to see you all soon and get you terribly drunk on tea and danger!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you smoke?
- asked by Sophie
Certainly not…filthy habit…enjoyed by libertines and fallen women…
emilie, dahlin, how did you finally get noticed as someone with extraordinary talent? (for i am somewhat on the musician path, but finding it rather… tedious and stressful. as expected.)
- asked by erin

Ah yess…I sympathize…

Thats just it though, I didnt get noticed, I noticed myself. Nobody gave me anything ever. I simply got out and did what I did without caring if anybody was interested or not;), and only then did people very kindly begin caring. But I had to make it happen first, on my own.

Never ask permission.

This might be somewhat unusual, but what does an exquisite musician like yourself think of the drums?
- asked by Antihero
drums are useful tea tables if lapdogs arent available…
What would you say is your greatest musical infulence?
- asked by Mocker

I am influenced more by other art forms than I am by music to be quite honest…I listen to music to enjoy music, but to be influenced, I go to a play or read a book…

Of course, I cant escape the influence of my training, which is all wonderful dead classical people…I think I always go back to that…

“did you all tie stockings around your necks?” YES MAAM! Well..mines a stripey scarf…but the desired affect is achieved!
- asked by nevina

Wonderous good!!

if you all send pic of your stocking necks, Ill post them on my journal tomorrow…

or better yet!

leave them as mySpace comments!!!!


Are you planing to sleep when the chat is over or do you still have more things to do after the chat?
- asked by Keiratha
I am praying for sleep to come, honestly…horrible horrible treacherous insomnia…

Dear Emilie, I do worry about you sometimes…with the lack of sleeping.

To ask a question — how does one solve the Enchant puzzle these days? Ive been working on it but there doesnt seem to be a place to enter answers anymore. Also, what are you drinking?

Yes I have a stocking round my neck. Its 6am and Im in bed but I have the stocking on ^^

- asked by Katrina

No worries sweet, Im made of corset boning and whole wheat scones…

Oh! The Enchant puzzle…with the redesign of the website, the page was temporarily taken down, but were putting it back up shortly…thing is though, you dont enter the answers, thats the trick…you must do it another way…

Thank you for your lovely stocking neck! Tea for you!

Ive got ginger tea…

Do you put subliminal messages in your songs? Listening to them makes me feel very confident and able to tackle anything! Is this your plan for world domination?
- asked by NeonHamster

Im very glad they have this effect on you!

Im not sure if the messages are subliminal, usually I layer the meanings hoping like made that somebody will notice, so Im not necessarily being secretive about it…

Theres a song you will hear in the chat today (SOON! were waiting for the music to be up) that has literally three meanings all running through it at the same time, and you can connect with either story, or none, depending on what kind of tea youre drinking and how tight your corset is…

Hi there!!! Out-of-place question, but what do you think about the Harry Potter books, sweetheart? Do you like them?
- asked by crumple-hornedswan

Funny you should ask, I just saw Jesus Camp (wonderful, you should all go and see it twice), and was inspired to read them all as quickly as possible. If youve seen JC, youll know why.

Ive not gotten to them yet, but Im in the Asylum form right now of a dear one who has the books on the shelf behind me and loves them very much…

Where do you place your muse?
- asked by JaggedSerenity
Under my skirt.
Where did you get the lovely shiny pretty on your neck Emilie?
- asked by Luke
It was a gift from Billy Corgan…an antique Im not certain from when but long long ago…
Emilie, Do you have some tips for a beginning violist?
- asked by Tesana

burn it!

NOOOOOOOOOO….dont do that….

Use good rosin, listen to different kinds of music, build up some nice unsightly calouses, and learn the Bach Brandenburg Viola duet so we can play it!

Is much of your musics striking resemblance to certain Mendelssohn deliberate of just another influence that creeps in? And are there any plans to release any sheet music? Im sure there are many more of us whod love to play some of your wonderful pieces :)
- asked by Rebecca

Thank you, and yes, sheet music has been in the works for literally years now and I keep getting distracted, Im terribly sorry about this…

Mendelssohn was my first crush, and Im supposedly his sister reincarnated, so Im not surprised by the association musically, but no, its not intentional…

Did you know that FM has a violin concerto that he wrote when he was 13 that hardly anyone knows about? I found it when I was thirteen and got to perform it while conducting the orchestra at the same time…one of the best days of my life…

Do you really exist? You arent just a corporate invention with the perfect mix of talent, wit, beauty, brains, suffering and style? It just seems too good to be true.
- asked by Mr.Witherspoone
No, I do not exist. In fact, I was manufactured entirely by the good people at Celestial Seasonings as and undercover agent/sales militia…I am also filled with explosives that may for off at any time, so lets all enjoy it while we can…
so do you do anything for fun?
- asked by grant

Yes! I break hearts, do nude photo sessions, the occasional murder when its justified or at least aesthetically pleasing, and I chat with you lovlies!

I also make announcements like this one:

As many of you already no doubt are aware, due to the magic of the internet(s), there is a brand fucking new EP available TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Music Non Stop




I am VERY excited about this one…


FORMAT: Limited Digipak Edition. only 3.999 copies. Now or never.


01. Liar ( Album Version )
02. Dead Is The New Alive ( Album Version )
03. Mad Girl ( Exclusive Track )
04. Best Safety Lies In Fear ( Exclusive Track )
05. In The Lake ( Exclusive Live Track )
06. Let It Die ( Exclusive Live Track )
07. Liar ( Murder Mix by Brendon Small / creator of Adult Swim’s”Metalocalypse” )
08. Dead Is The New Alive ( Velvet Acid Christ Club Mix by Velvet Acid Christ )
09. Dead Is The New Alive ( Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)
10. Liar ( Medical Mix by Angelspit )
11. Unlaced ( Exclusive Preview )

Release date

8th Jan 2007 (Worldwide) and 5th of January 2007 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)

Guess what comes with it???



Pre-orders until the 24th of November only!

The sizes are: GIRLIE XS S M L / T-SHIRT S M L XL

In my experience, sleep deprivation has been one cause for many a great idea. So Ive noticed a new canine friend in some of your postings over on the forums… whats his/her name?
- asked by ElectricSage

His name is Ernie the Dog and he dresses like me sometimes…

Hed like to say hello to you all from the Asylum…

Perhaps I can get him in the cam…

I hope this isnt too stupid to ask but I was wondering, shall there ever be badges for the Bloomer Brigade?
- asked by meeka


There will my kittenmuffin.

Goodness, there is so much going on in the Asylum every day, its a miracle anything gets done…

but we have big plans for the BB…

For now!

I would like to reward all you good little BBers with THIS that I made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!!

ENJOY my loves!


Im loving the glasses. How adorable and sophisticated you look.;)
- asked by necrosomniac
Why thank you…its the neck sock, isnt it…
so where are these surprises then?
- asked by Chris

Well my lovecake,

The first was the tour, which we will have more to say about it a moment…

The second was the EP…

The third… was the T-Shirt…

The fourth was the Mochi recipe…

The fifth is…

AHH! You are driving us crazy here with all these unanswered questions! Haha
- asked by EmilyRose

I know, Im sorry, but Ive only got two hands at the moment and only one of them is intelligent…

You tarts really showed up, didnt you! There are hundreds upon hundreds of questions, my goodness…

Check out these links while I answer some more and get the tea…

Music Non Stop (UK)

Infrarot (Germany)

Metropolis (USA)

Shadowland (SCANDINAVIA)

How do you deal with people criticising your music?
- asked by Sara

I let them rot in their own insipidly talentless pool of watered down blood, then I tell them to come see me on tour:

Orkus Festival Tour 03/2007

Do you believe in ghosts?
- asked by GothFaerieQueen
After you are done performing at a show what do you do?
- asked by Pilgrim

I usually run around trying to find someone to unlace me. Then I find some horrid wonderful things to eat which I proceed to do for a few hours because I cant eat before the show and Im starving.

That and fuck some groupies.


When will I be able to buy your new music?
- asked by Vega

now muffin!

Music Non Stop (UK)

Infrarot (Germany)

Metropolis (USA)

Shadowland (SCANDINAVIA)

Hi, Emilie. :) How is your tea? Id like to ask how your inspiration for song wordings comes up.. is it just “Hey, what about this..” or is it more of a one-hit thought?
- asked by Mochan

Its really just the formulation of ideas in my head, trying to put them together in a way that expresses a particular concept or emotion in the least clumsy way possible;)

Its easy when you have a story to tell, and you know what its about, and you know exactly what it is youre trying to say…writing is only difficult when you have nothing to write about and people can always tell…

so during your tour do you plan on being in southern calif? if so what date do you have that information yet.. i would really love to see you live in southern calif… please i am suffering..lol
- asked by robbie


Did you see the tour post below?

See you soon!

you are american?
- asked by bob
Indeed. My father was a circus performer from Germany, and I am decended from the Liddells on my mothers side, of Scotland originally…Alice in Wonderland…
Are all of your lyrics supposed to make sense? Should I feel stupid for not getting half of them? Whats the murder where nobody dies in Gothic Lolita?
- asked by WayneMV

Thats like asking if ice cream is supposed to taste good. It is, but only if you like ice cream. If you dont, its horrible. if youre allergic to it, its potentially even fatal…wow…never thought about that before…

I can tell you that I dont write gibberish lyrics, every word has a very direct and specific meaning, sometimes more than one…

I believe that the beauty of poetry of any kind however is that it can mean different things to different people, so the most important question I would ask is, what does it mean to you?

I hope nobody send this question before: you plan to play in Germany?
- asked by Paddi

Yes, and very soon too!

See the tour dates below!!

I have a question, youre the shit.
- asked by roberts0120

Thank you very much.

Try making the Mochi, theyre the shit too.

What are you made off?
- asked by Justbleed
sugar and spice and everything nice…

Dear Emilie,

This may seem like a slightly random question but since its around Halloween time; What is your favorite Halloween movie? And do you plan on doing anything special for Halloween as well?

Also, if you wished to make a song for just Halloween and you had to base it on one murderous person in history, who would you sing about? If I had singing talent I would most likely sing about ErzseŽbet Ba‡thory but alas; I can only draw and doodle. :)

- asked by Raven
I am working on a project with Attrition (I hope its OK that I mention this) that is based on the life of Mary Ann Cotton. I think thats pretty brutal…
Can you actually PROVE this isnt a computergenerated program answering questions?
- asked by vampiricangel
Can you actually PROVE that you are not a coward who hides behind a keyboard and questions the reality of someone who puts their life and soul into their art?
so how about showing us the t-shirt … there was a note about modelling …
- asked by wavwrunner

did you see the pic below?

Not me modeling, but check the journals tomorrow…I didnt have the time to post the pics, but they are as promised if you know what I mean…


Ive seen some pictures of you with extraordinarily long hair…how long did it get at longest, and ddi you corn-row brain it and style it all by yourself for concerts? I loved those styles, and I love your awesome punk hoodie look now.

I want to spenda lifetime comparing all my poetry to yours. :)

- asked by Katrina

Thank you;)

It used to be knee length, but then I discovered that when I get angry I like to cut things.

I’m not allowed to have scissors any more.

Its still pretty lengthy, but Ive been threatening to shave half of it for the past week and nobody seems to believe me…

I do it all myself though because I scream when Im touched and that scares people.

Suppose Peter Murphy and Morrissey were to engage in battle against eachother. Who would win?
- asked by Befu
Both would because they would dissolve into a puddle of sweet dripping sarcasm on the 17th century oak flooring and sing lullabies into eachothers ears for all of eternity…
Brendon Small has a dog named Ernie too…
- asked by roberts0120
Why yesssssss, how funny you should mention that…
Well, i am actually new to your music, but from what i have heard, the sound is great, and i also recently heard your music on a Metaloclypse Episode, i am sorry if this question was already asked, but, how was your experience with that?
- asked by Puppet


Glad youre here!

Ive been behind the scenes of Metalocalypse since it was in its early sketch stages, and its briliant to watch it grow into a hit show filled with massive talent and literaly insane humor…

Its also great to work with your friends…a rare pleasure in this business…

Did you see the tracklisting for the new EP? Brendon Small has returned the favor and is planning to slay you all with his Dethklok flavored “Murder Mix” of LIAR! Beware…he doesnt think you all can handle it, but I told him you could…make me proud muffins…

If you were introduced to Britney Spears at a music thing, what would happen? lol Fight or flight?
- asked by Kris

Wed probably tongue kiss for a while (even though shes totally not my type), and then Id throw down THIS motherfucker and she would cry…:

Liar (Medical Mix by Angelspit)

SURPRISE NO. 5 (I think, Ive lost track)…

An absolutely INSANE remix by my brilliant and fucking lunatic friends Angelspit from Australia!!!!! You can download this in sadly low quality mp3 (we prepared them for streaming)

This is from the NEW EP so go get it with you sweet-ass SUFFERING tea-shirt before theyre GONE!

Music Non Stop (UK)

Infrarot (Germany)

Metropolis (USA)

Shadowland (SCANDINAVIA)

Is this chat real or are all of the questions you actually answer decided by you in advance?
- asked by WaynveMV
are you kidding?
- asked by ElectricSageLOL
Woooooooffff says Ern…
Will you ever come toPuerto Rico? Cause that would be lovely.
- asked by Nickeh!
I would dearly love to…lets talk to my booking agent…
Vampires are lame.
- asked by Draegn
Good point.
I bought the limited edition version of Opheliac and I cant access any of the videos that are supposed to be on it. What program do I need?
- asked by Spero
it is on the second disc. When you insert the disc into a CD-R computer drive two volumes will open. 1.) Audio CD (8 tracks), 2.) PC/MAC Volume. The gallery (pdf) and videos (mp4). You need Acrobat Reader for the gallery and a new version of Quicktime for the Video files. Thats it!
Do you ever think of dying your hair pink again?
- asked by blablabla
Its literally a different shade of pink/red/orange every week, so the magic 8-ball says…yes…
Are we going to get to hear some songs soon?
- asked by solarfacade

Fuck yes cupcake!

Are you listening to that killer Angelspit LIAR remix right now?

Have you ever been to Sweden? (>
- asked by Madeleine
Soon! Check the tour dates in the post below, and put the tea on!!!
How can I join the bloomer brigade?
- asked by Tahra
Go to the main website and look around for a link to the signup page, and welcome! One muffin for you!
Oh please visit Finland! I had a dream a week ago where you rode to the Olympic stadium on and old Soviet tank, dressed as an old Soviet superhero called Captain Atom, with your hair arranged around your head like the orbits of electrons around the nucleus of an atom, while Dominant was playing as the concert intro.
- asked by Tapio
Whom can we pitch that to to make it come true? I do plan on seeing you soon, as you can see in the tour dates posted below, but Id really like to have my tank ready and waiting, so if anybody knows how we can make this happen, contact my label please…
if i were really a rainbow Zebra and no body loved me because i was different would you write a song about my stripes to make me feel better with your beautiful music ;__;?
- asked by yram
Already have. Its called What If from Enchant and its alllll about zebras. Enjoy, cupcake…
If you would be so kind as to lend us a moment of your precious time, empress, we wondered if you could assist us with a little detail which has been bothering us lately. Does your highness have any suggestions on how a devoted crumpet cursed to the dullest of genders could express its femininity appropriately as a wayward victorian?
- asked by Imaginary
Aha! Of course. I highly recommend filthy tophats, canes which will be taken from you at clubs, and limp of seriously questionable origin. I do tend to support the manskirt, and also the spat. Welcome!
speaking of Australia… do you have plans to come down here? I do want to see one of your performances oh so much!
- asked by screwedpixie
Ive been dying to for years! Note to booking agent…you know, cupcakes, the more of you want a show in a particular area, the easier it is for us to make it happen…we go where were wanted, so if theres a scene and were in demand, were there!
Why can’t I get in to the Asylum?
- asked by Frida

Ahhhh, you cannot get in to the Asylum because its massive oaken doors have not yet opened…

They will shortly, and you will then get to see what a victoriandustrial girl does for fun, and it shant be for the weak of heart I warn you…

What do you use to dye your hair?
- asked by sakura
The blood of my enemies…

are you using this chat room to hack into our computers and steal informations on us so you can later blackmail all your fans?

Yes this is a hehehehehe school girl lol

- asked by miles
Yes, and I have just bought the complete works of Sigmund Freud on your credit card….
Hi Emilie! :D I put the picture of my stocking-clad neck i a comment on your myspace, as youve ordered. My question is, what kind of literature do you like? What books, comics, etc? Im positive youve got some great recommendations for us all!
- asked by meaganb

Oh, thank you!!!! I want that comment page FILLED with stocking necks, do you all hear??

Ah literature…and the luxury of reading time I miss so…well, you know already Im a history buff and a Shakespeare snob, so theres that, so I read anything that resembles a historical biography, but I also do a lot of research, which I love maybe more than anything…psychological textbooks, hospital records…just trying to draw connections where I suspect they might be…;)

Oh Scob! Do you mind if I reheat my poor tepid tea?? Ill be right back, promise!



Seeing as youve already been asked what your favourite song is, what would your favourite play be?

- asked by Lizy

Twelfth Night…

ok, Im back, thank you for waiting…what did you think of the Angelspit remix?? Are you ready for mayyyybe another track form the new EP that youve never heard before in all your little muffin lives??

Is it okay to tie two socks around your neck too? Cause its warm and comfortable… Socks are multifunctional!
- asked by Raven
yes, they also hold an impressive amount of mochi!
Aw…these pictures are hard to get to. One cant click on the ilnk, one has to type it in. Could youtry to rectify that maybe?
- asked by Katrina
Ill try, weve got an absolute genius over here who put this Chat together and is trying to keep up with the amount of people on the servers right now, but Ill see what we can do…
Why does the mirror-thingy in the corner keep doing the red-spinning thing? xD
- asked by Nickeh!
its reloading the Asylum webcam…
How long is this chat going to run? =)
- asked by Kris

Until I physically shut down or start crying…we still have a lot more secrets to tell…

And, are you all realllly ready to hear another track? Hm, probably not. Yes, I don’t wish to rush you. Youre probably not ready…

Hi I got introduced to your music when you played with Avoidance of Doubt do you work with other bands a lot?
- asked by spooky_ian

No, not really, one has to be pretty selective with so few hours in the day tehse days…but there some Ive been honored to work with, as you can see by the remix listings on the new EP:

01. Liar ( Album Version )
02. Dead Is The New Alive ( Album Version )
03. Mad Girl ( Exclusive Track )
04. Best Safety Lies In Fear ( Exclusive Track )
05. In The Lake ( Exclusive Live Track )
06. Let It Die ( Exclusive Live Track )
07. Liar ( Murder Mix by Brendon Small / creator of Adult Swim’s”Metalocalypse” )
08. Dead Is The New Alive ( Velvet Acid Christ Club Mix by Velvet Acid Christ )
09. Dead Is The New Alive ( Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)
10. Liar ( Medical Mix by Angelspit )
11. Unlaced ( Exclusive Preview )

Emilie, would it be possible for you to let us hear Mad Girl?
- asked by Lorelle

Well, since you asked so nicely, YES!

Low quality MP3 as Ive mentioned, but youll get the real thing when the EP is shipped. Enjoy…THIS is the song with three meanings running simultaneously through it…its very personal and very special to me, and almost made it on Opheliac but there wasnt enough time…

Mad Girl

Bloody fingers yet?
- asked by ……………
More bloody knubs than fingers by now…
o please dear, enlighten me. the shirt mentioned in the new EP, will that be available for sale to those of us not fortunate enough to get a copy of the EP? as a member of the other gender, i dont take well to corsets(unfortunately), and desire the newest shirt. please o please tell me it can be bought……..
- asked by taylorrader
ahhhhh, let me see…the shirt will be sold exlusively with the EP as a special package deal Im sorry to say, but there is muuuuuch more merch prepared for the future, especially when were on tour! Dont worry my sweet…
Does your family support your decision in life and are they happy where you are in life?
- asked by miles

Im not sure…Im rather on my own, and I consider my friends my family…

let me adjust my neck sock…


It saddens me that I cant copy/paste the links you are giving ;_;

But Im just happy to be able to be here with you!

Ive taken some pictures of me and my stocking scarf. Where do I send them?

- asked by SPOOKY((Linsday))

oh, post them as comments on MySpace if you wouldnt mind, that would rock my stockings!

Im sorry about the link issue, but we WILL be posting all the info on the boards after the chat!

We are ready! We are ready! Secrets must be unmasked! Exept for the one that Im sitting here in front of the computer while I should be sleeping for already like… two hours? Dont tell my parents!
- asked by Raven

I wont say a word, I promise…

Have you downloaded Mad Girl??


wahh I have to go but I just wanna tell you that i LURRRV you and that your music really inspires me and youre just an amazing person overall!


- asked by Sara
Thank you very very much, and thank you for being here with me. Well post all the important info and a transcipt afterwards, so you wont miss anything;)
when will you be touring in the uk?
- asked by chris
Soon! See the tour plans posted below! Put the kettle on, and warm the scones!
silk or satin?
- asked by Kate
rotting lace
its getting dark by you sint it?
- asked by Luke
Why yes, indeed it seems to be…almost time for candles….
can you pee on me
- asked by roberts0120
Who is your favorite character on Metalocalypse?
- asked by solarfacade
Im partial to Skwisgaar, myself…I think my fast-hands might rival his, though you can judge yourself when you hear UNLACED…
I just wated to tell you that I’ve been playing the flute for about ten years now but recently I had a lack of interest in playing, but after listening to your song I was inspired…I want to thank you for that
- asked by Frida
Thank you!! That makes my Gloomy Sunday!
What are some of the inspirations of your songs?
- asked by Menschenjagd
I wrote about my own life, the things Ive experienced and the things I know. Thats why the music changes, because I learn more and what I learn doesnt always make me happy, but its still the truth. I color my songs with layers and layers of references, connections, other stories and metaphors in this vain attempt to remove the work from myself a bit, but its never worked…its still close to home.
hey Emilie, im having a problum ordering the cd&shirt. everytime I try to check out with my order, it keeps adding like 6 other items to my shopping cart, which is coming up $200.00!!! I keep deleteing the unwanted orders but they keep being added and so I cant order my cd&shirt :( can you please look into it? Thanks!!! p.s. I love spending my sunday afternoon with you and the rest of the fans! :D xoxo
- asked by stripestockings

Thank you so much sweet, I do too and Im so glad youre here having fun and suffering with me!

Im not sure what the deally is with the shopping cart, perhaps someone on the forum is experiencing the same thing?

Is that a towel on your head?


- asked by Nickeh!
I wish it was…I wish it was…its just and Iron Maiden hoodie…

OH MY! Did oyu all know that youve pushed the new LIAR EP up to number 4 in the MusinNonStop UK Charts in one day???????

Emilie, Sweetheart, could you please let us listen to Unlaced?
- asked by Sylfaëry

ahhhh…UNLACED..hmm, I want to, but I just dont know if youre ready for Unlaced…but maybe, yes…maybe you could hear “Let It Die” whil you become even more ready, because I really must have you at the peak of readiness…Unlaced…well, lets just say its not your average track…but…

yes, have this for now…



enjoy cupcakes;)

Let It Die

Madamoiselle, you absolutely and totally rock. As a token of my appreciation, I sent you a pair of little black lace gloves last year for Christmas – Im just wondering whether you received them? xoxo Courtesan tea and crumpets for thee!
- asked by Salope

Oh my goodness!

I DID get them and I love them!

I sent you a letter of my sincerest thanks right afterwards, but it bounced back, so I assumed that you had a new addy…thank you again for that lovely lovely gift!!

Who is your favorite poet?
- asked by Spero
I quite like Browning (both) and Poe;)
Haha, how is your hair styled at the moment? it looks a bit funny X3 Teehee.
- asked by Detresse
its hilarious actually…I left the sides lond and cut myself a nice mohawky thinging on top…I said no scossors…you see what happens…
How do you feel about your growing success?
- asked by Cat
hmm, I dont know, success brings more work for one thing, but its work I love, and I am very very proud to bring Opheliac to the public…it shows that real music with real emotion appeals to real people, and also that the experiences you have in life are never wasted…
youre a very beautiful woman are you single?
- asked by grant
youre joking, right? I think were a bit beyond that, no?

A strange question:

Favorite way to suffer?

In lonleyness or with friends?

- asked by Ryszard

Misery loves company, and company loves more, more loves everybody else, but hell is others…

so, that would be, alone.

Why do we require stockings? Is it to protect our precious necks from attack by the evil undead nosferatu, or just to keep us snuggly and warm?
- asked by Hex

well, originally it was for protection and also to show our status and virue (hence the lyric), but right now, its simply because I havent slept and god knows what else I might request…

hey, I dont suppose youre feeling ready for Unlaced?

This will likely be the most random question youll be asked, but whats your opinion on living forever, if given the chance?
- asked by Valek

oh, I plan to, just not here.

Do you mind if I run away for a second? Ern has to go out;) Hows that for random!

I am ready for Unlaced!! Its 12.30 a.m. here in england & i think hearing a new song would be a good way to keep me awake!!;]
- asked by Kate

Thansk for joining me!

welllll…ok. But theres something you should know…

UNLACED is from an upcoming album which will feature the re-release of my classical record, but will also have some insane bonus material, which Unlaced is but a small preview of! This all-violin set will be entitled LACED/UNLACED, guess why?


If you could tour with anyone, (dead or alive) who would it be?
- asked by AnneMarie
Morrissey…or a troup of victorian burlesque dancers..
Ooohh my goodness! Thats your electric violin isnt it? In Unlaced. @_@ Woooow. How long have you been playing the violin?
- asked by Detresse
yeppers muffin! Since I was 4…and now Im 222…
Can I be one of you Victorian Burlesque Dancers?
- asked by Ragdoll
Can you pole dance in a crinoline?
Will you show us your violin? If thats a live feed, anyway. -Would like to see it- n_n
- asked by Detresse
I wish I could, theyre put away in the studio sweets…but they say hello!
What are your favorite J-Rock bands? You list them as one of your major influences on your myspace and they also mentioned them in your Orkus interview briefly. My favorites are Malice Mizer, Lacryma Christi, Larc an Ciel, Luna Sea, D, and Rentrer en Soi.
- asked by GuardianKnight
Malize Mizer, hands down…and, Mana is mylabel mate!!!

Emilie dear,

What is your method of writing the music to your songs? And also how do you come up with the melody for the vocals?

Thanks =)

- asked by Nikki

It all happens in my head, I cant explain it any other way. I just sit and listen and write it down.

Guess what crumpets!!!

I have to go to sleepy. Seriously.




All my mad love to each of you, thank you for spending this teatime suffering with me, I will never forget it. Now, go forth and SUFFER!!!

Love & Bloody Crumpets,