An update on donations

A big thank you goes out to another anonymous donor for their contribution. :)

At this point, there is still not enough to cover the hosting costs for a full year, but I am tired of begging. I am leaving the donation button up in the sidebar. The site will stay online as long as the donations will fund it. Please feel free to continue to archive the content of the site.

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Birthday wishes & donation update

Happy birthday, Emilie! We wish you all the best for the coming year.

Thank you to fLee and an anonymous donor for their donations! Battered Rose is still seeking donations for hosting. We are getting closer to our goal and every little bit counts. Please help the site stay online by donating today.


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Getting there!

A big thank you goes out to angesoie and tonet7 for their generous donations! ♥ At this point, we are about halfway to the goal. Please donate today so Battered Rose can stay online for another year.



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Battered Rose needs your help

Several people wrote to me expressing their sadness over Battered Rose closing and offered to donate to help cover server costs. Because of this, I have decided to keep the site up if enough people donate to cover the hosting and domain for another year, which costs about $135 per year. If you would like to contribute, please send donations to via Paypal. Please include a nickname in your note if you would like to be recognized on the site! :)

I would like Battered Rose to stay up-to-date if it’s going to stay online, so with that in mind, I will be looking for one or two volunteers to help update the front page with news, and possibly other sections of the site. I’ll have more information about how to apply in an upcoming post once the server costs are taken care of.

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In a few short weeks, Battered Rose will be closing its doors for good. I’ve been running this site for over eight years now, and I just don’t have the time, energy, passion, or money to put into it anymore. When the forum shut down a few months ago, I was upset to see a place where I had spent a lot of my time online just disappear. I thought my feelings at its closure could muster up some excitement to keep Battered Rose going again, but the truth is I have been neglecting it for a long time now and it’s time to let it fade away.

Please take the next few weeks to save whatever you wish from the site, for once it closes its doors, it will be gone forever. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site over the years in any capacity, for it has been greatly appreciated.

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