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The gallery has been updated with a few additional photoshoots from more recent years. I would love to further expand on the gallery, focusing on photoshoots, publications, merch, etc., so if you have or know of photos that should be in the gallery that currently aren’t, please email them in or comment on this post with links. The gallery is really a community effort, so please don’t be shy! :)

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Official forum closed

The Official Emilie Autumn forum was shut down at the beginning of the month with no warning. Emilie later posted a message on her Facebook page explaining the reason for the closure:

Dearest Plague Rats,

The official Asylum Fan Forum has been shut down permanently.

I have personally paid thousands of dollars each year to keep the forum safe and secure for you, and did so gladly for those who enjoyed having a place to connect. Unfortunately, the forum has not been kept safe and secure for me, a truth which disappoints me greatly, instead becoming a place where people who have physically threatened myself and my staff prey upon forum members, pressuring them to contact me and my staff on their behalf.

If the gullible wish to humor my stalkers (who live in their parent’s basement at age 30 something) and thus put me in danger, they may do it on their own dime. They may also fuck off, because stupidity can kill, and I won’t be your victim. To those who enjoyed the forum, you know who to thank for its closure.

Now, please, step away from the computer and go outside. Live your lives. Talk to people in front of you. Make a real connection with real people who aren’t hiding behind falsehoods and a pretentious username before it’s too late.

Stay kind,
~ EA

EA’s manager, Melissa, posted something on the matter as well:

Hello All – I wanted to address the closing of the Fan Forum on Emilie’s website. We are sorry that it was done in such an abrupt manner with no warning. I do realize that many of you enjoyed many years on the forum and it had become a place to meet other plague rats and make friends. I know that there are very heated discussions on the closing of the forum. I think that the worse thing to happen at this point is for anyone to speculate why Emilie ended the forum beyond what she has said. I know that with the forum being shut down so abruptly some fans have felt as if they didn’t matter. This is not true at all. I think that even if there was a notice like in a week or two weeks etc. there would still be hurt feelings. The forum was supposed to be a place for people to go and discuss the amazing things in life and the things they loved and enjoyed. As many of you have seen in the past years – this was not always the case.

I personally respect and care for all of you! I have always tried to be here for any of her fans. I have tried to answer any and all questions when they are sent to me as quick as possible. I do not want any of you to think that I do not care about any of you.

Regarding IceAxe – this is the only time I will comment on this publicly as I do not discuss anything to do with any fan publicly. I know I have never openly said anything regarding this issue, this is going to be very nondescript. Neither myself nor Emilie have ever wished any harm to ill will towards Oliver. Things happen and have to be dealt with. It is never an easy decision to make and it is sometimes even harder to have to accept and know that what is being done is necessary. I know that Oliver is ill. I wish him all the best, a solution to his illness and that he will find a donor soon. If anyone is interested in helping him, please contact him.

I hope that this helps a little. I know it does not make up for the closing of the forum, but unfortunately it was a necessary action at the time.

I look forward to seeing all of you again soon and speaking with all of you either via email, message or in person. Please be well everyone and take care of yourselves. Let’s not forget that even without the forum we are still here for each other.

Love you all

Perhaps someday the forum will resurface, as this is not the first time it’s been closed, although this time it does appear to have been completely deleted. For now, I’d like to recommend a new alternative run by a few fans: The Plague Rats. It has been open since the official forum closed and already has 100+ members and quite a bit of activity. Come check it out if you find yourself missing the company of other EA fans.

The Plague Rats

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Site update

Battered Rose 2014

Battered Rose has been freshened up, including a brand new theme. The lyrics and information for Fight Like A Girl have been updated, and the Dates section has been updated to include the five Vans Warped Tour dates Emilie will be playing at beginning June 18.

More content will be added in the coming days. Please feel free to send in any news or media you would like to see included to, or comment here on this post. ♥

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Fight Like A Girl on sale!

Fight Like A Girl is now available in the Asylum Emporium for the discounted price of $12.99. The album’s page on the store includes preview clips and the following description of the album:

All words and music written, performed, recorded, and produced by Emilie Autumn in The Asylum.

Mixed & mastered by Ulrich Wild in The Wilderness.

With her new album, Emilie Autumn makes her Broadway intentions ever more clear. Like her live stage show, this is not rock, not for radio, not for MTV. This is musical theatre, rock opera, and proud of it. Experience just a taste of the epic journey that mirrors Emilie’s autobiographical fantasy novel, “The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls”.

Happy FLAG day! :)


FLAG release details

Fight Like A Girl will finally be released tomorrow, July 24. The album will go on sale on the Asylum Emporium at 12:01 AM Central. (Not your time zone? Convert the time so you can buy it the minute it’s out!) The album will cost $14.99 and comes with a digital download in addition to the physical copy, so you should be able to listen to it right away.

A few more reviews have cropped up online…

EGL Magazine
Loud Mag


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